Fernand fish "Number Two" 5'8 yellow

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French quality boards, shaped by Geoffray Sipoir. 
The glassing is made by the uber great workshop in Europe, Blend Glassing. 
All the materials used are the best materials. period. 
Fernand offer fun boards rather than competition boards.

This one right here:

Modern and updated version of Retro Twin Fin. 
Swallow Deep Tail and pronounced Beak Nose. 
Simple concave ending in a deep double concave between the drifts. 
Smooth rail on most of the board ending in well-sharpened rail at the tail.

Easy board to surf and powerful, it can be surfed in small conditions, as in solid and hollow waves ...

This one features a sweet yellow tint and is glassed by the masters at Blend Glassing.

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