Bataleon The Surfer 159

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The surfiest ride on Earth has arrived. With a giant 3D nose and our most exaggerated 3BT™ to date, this board guarantees effortless float without back leg burn. The 3D shaped swallow tail will have you throwing pow roosters like nobody's business. When the flakes are stacked deep there is simply nothing that compares.


Transworld Snowboarding

When real life gets you down, your best option is to get buried in pow, and this is the type of board you can do that with. The Surfer’s massive swallowtail and big, spooned-out nose with lifted contact points provide the perfect tool to transport you to a place where you can float through anything and away from reality.

Andrew Duthie 'Whitelines'

You’ll enjoy the shape in thick slush, but ideally the Bataleon Surfer is for the snorkel days


Sick board, loved it! Every turn you put force into the carve, it digs in and shoots you down the hill. One hell of a board. Loved every second on this board. Brutal and so much fun.


Fun and a new nice sensation!


Sweet as!! Top to Bottom power ride. Smiling like the cheshire cat!! Carved around piste and off with ease.

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