Bataleon The one 158

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The One is built with everything we've ever learned from board design and encompasses the absolute best materials we could source. Nothing is compensated. No holds barred, the Elite Series represents the best all mountain board money can buy.

REVIEWS The one felt nice and planted at speed, really nimble on tight turns quick between edges with plenty of response and power throughout the turns. In the small amount of fresh snow the one floated with ease and even in the 154 never felt like the nose was going to dive below the snow.

Damian Banovic
If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, cause this Bataleon is better than one! The One E.S. feels so good to ride, it's better than sex! I am exploding with stoke!!!!

Scott Cochran
I have ridden many boards this year in this young season - after the first run with The One my only thoughts were which Bataleon board I was going to buy next and why I never rode a Bataleon board before. The 3BT is the real deal. I was literally trying to catch an edge and could not. It just kept delivering and delivering all mountain goodness to the point my wife said " you really like this one" I replied " Well it's The One" It dined on crud like it was starved. In the powder I just laughed to the point my goggles fogged up. So true story -she got me The Jam for Christmas..Im ok with that! Buy this board- The One- I will report back on the Jam.

Snowboard Mag
The One is built for any type of riding condition. From pow to groomers, the triple-based nosed and slightly less triple-based swallowtail allow for that surfy feel and that float you always hope for in a board. If your looking to lay into some soulful turns and enjoy everything the mountains have to offer, then The One is a must-have in your snowboard quiver.


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