Adelio Connor 4/3 Deluxe Steamer

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Constructed from 100% quad flex, best-in-class limestone based neoprene that dries so fast you'll never go back to your old petroleum based neoprene wetsuit. With strategically placed internally welded seams and taping on all major stress points, Adelio wetsuits are built from the ground up for maximum usability and to stand the test of time.

Duro-stretch knee pads provide protection without compromising on flexibility while liquid cuff seals reduce water entry and unwanted movement around the ankles and wrists. The ergonomically designed side zip entry makes suiting up - and suiting off - a breeze on cold winter days while the tough YKK zip locks down in flash with a simple press of the clamp down stud.

Adelio Wetsuits Deluxe range ups the ante with heat absorbing, wind repelling, solar-style chest and back panels, accompanied by additional Therma-Loc interior lining throughout the torso and legs. 

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